Terri Smalls commisioned me to
create her caricature to place on the
cover of her self-published book,
"Stand Alone".
Interested in this book?...
Hello Rick,
Would it be
possible to have
you do a color
caricature for my
ski patrol class?...
...One idea we had was the
five of us on a magazine
cover ( Ski Patrol ) with
some sortof humor.
Would this be possible?

Brigette B.
Dear Rick,
I'm writing about doing "Then & Now" pictures for my brother's 40th birthday.
THEN: My brother was a crazy kid with a workshop in our basement and a science
lab where he did experiments, blowing things up, taking toys apart and rebuilding
THEN: He has become a very wealthy entrepeneur and is the chairman and CEO
of a technology company that makes smart home devices...he also loves Las Vegas!
Lisa B.
CARICATURES by Rick Enright