CARICATURES by Rick Enright
Chris & Carrie
The bride's dad
came up with
The slogan is one
he often used
on his students.
Testimonial before the Wedding:
Hey Rick, excellent work! I am very
pleased with the final product.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank
You. I 'll be sure to recommend your
services to anyone who asks.
Thanks again and keep drawing!
Barb C.
( Mother of the Bride ).
Testimonial after the Wedding:
( NOTE: The caricature was
incorporated into a Sign-In Board).
Well Rick, the wedding's over and
the caricature was a HUGE success!
The bride & groom thought it was
wonderful. It was a very unique idea
and so much nicer than the
traditional wedding guest book. Now
they have something they can hang
on their wall for everyone to see.
Thanks so much. You did a
wonderful job.
Barb C.
Costs / Contact
"Joey" from New Jersey was
celebrating his  75th birthday.
His daughter-in-law, Corrine
asked that I create this
caricature for him as a gift.
It looks great.
Just like his face.

Cory B.