Ideal for Police Officers but available to anyone, really!...
Have you ever had something so funny happen in your life which would fall under the category of
"The Lighter Side of the Law" which you think would be hilarious to see in a cartoon?! Or perhaps it's
something that happend to a friend or family member! Well, here's your chance to have that cartoon designed
for you! ( A Great Gift Idea, btw)! Here's what you do...
> Email and explain as closely as possible the incident in mind. Don't worry about how
well written it is. As long as I get the jist of the story. I will edit it for you. If possible, include the month, year and
place where the incident occured. Also, include a general description of the subjects involved. You can attach
photos if you'd like, but not neccessary.  Of course, I will also include a Cartoon Parody of the Incident. If you
have a parody in mind to go along with the story, feel free to explain that as well!
> Next, I will confirm receiving your material & that I will proceed drawing it up for you! It will be designed in the
same format as the Police-Toons samples as above. In fact, the idea is that, as well as having a Custom-Made
Cartoon drawn up for you, it will also be included in a future edition of Police-Toons! In order to protect the
privacy of all parties involved, I will refrain from revealing full names as I have done in the above samples.
Underneath the cartoon I will include " Police-Toons Idea Submitted by
Your Name".
> Once your cartoon is completed, I will email a low-res version of it to you along with a Paypal Request for
$50. Upon payment, I will email a large version of the cartoon to you which you can print out on your own end.
It will be a  high-resolution JPG, 8.5" X 11". Suitable For Framing!
So, go ahead and send me your idea(s) & I will put it in the que! I will let you know the apporximate waiting time!
I do this full-time, so it won't be that long!

Rick Enright